Windows Autologon Software

LogonExpert When it comes to automatic logon or autologon solutions for Microsoft Windows, there are generally two different approaches. One will store data in the system registry while the other in the Local Security Authority storage or LSASecret. There are different variations on these two particular solutions ranging from pre-defined registry entry changes to using separate programs.
Data from the registry can be retrieved with RegEdit and data from LSASecret with any program (like LSASecretsView or LSASecretsDump) that can show the passwords it stores. You can access these locations remotely through the network so both solutions are insecure at best and make it simple for a determined party to steal logon and password information.
LogonExpert is a secure autologon application that stores logon data in encrypted form using the AES-256 algorithm. The program interacts directly with WinLogon, which is part of the operating system responsible for logon. This ensures that no other software can intercept or steal your logon data. To learn more about LogonExpert autologon click here

Advantages of LogonExpert

There are numerous advantages of using this type of system, particularly if you have had issues with your sysinternals autologon system in the past.

Secured Passwords: Because the system is encrypted, it fully protects the company from hackers who might be able to get the passwords but are unable to decipher them.
Ease of Use: The autologon system is automatic which makes it easy for approved users to sign in and sign out.
Continued Protection: The encryption process of this powerful tool provides constant protection for the passwords stored.


In addition, there are features such as autologoff before sleep, autologon after wake-up, command line logon/logoff/lock and more. LogonExpert is the autologin system that provides extra security for your login needs, learn more.