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The idea behind Process Blocker is to create a comprehensive administrative tool to block any unwanted application for Windows. The project was launched on October 20, 2008.

Current Version

Process Blocker’s structure provides a great flexibility, allowing you to block applications by wildcard, filter them by username or group, create a whitelist and detect files by CRC. The CRC algorithm is extremely fast as the checksum is not calculated for the whole file. Test results for about 3,000 executables show that a false positive can occur only if a file was patched after compilation (for example, by a virus). This, in its turn, emphasizes the fact that our product is not designed to be anti-malware software.


Always exert caution when using Process Blocker and especially wildcards. Any incorrect use may lead to important Windows executables getting blocked and, as a result, cause an operating system malfunction.


Process Blocker is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 11.


If you have a question about Process Blocker or want to report a bug, please feel free to reach us out at We will also be happy to hear any suggestions on how we can further improve the product.

Terms of Use

Process Blocker is distributed “as is”, and we do not take any responsibility.

About Us

Process Blocker is developed by Softros Systems, Inc. Try our Time Server Software for Windows, Transparent Windows Desktop Lock software, Windows Autologon Software and cross-platform LAN messaging software product.