The way the Process Blocker project is being (and going to be) developed is presented on this page. Probably it is not a real roadmap and more like a to-do list, but anyway it might be interesting for all concerned. The items themselves as well as their order are subject to change; the current position is marked with red.


  1. Creating a pilot version of the program
    Applications are killed by retrieving their names from a text file
  2. Launching a website
  3. Creating an .MSI installer
    To simplify the installation process
  4. Adding a time bomb to the program
    To prevent using it two years after the release
  5. Improving the program’s behavior in a Terminal Services environment
  6. Adding an option to kill an application using its full path
  7. Creating a usable interface
  8. Adding an option to kill an application using its CRC
    To help prevent an application from running even if it is renamed
    Will also require the creation of an additional tool enabling the administrator to calculate CRCs
  9. Removing the time bomb. Fixing a few bugs
    A step towards the rethinking and reviving of the project
  10. Rewriting the code almost completely and turning the process killer into a real process blocker
    Adding new features (user and group filters, whitelisting, wildcard support and logging)
    Commercializing the application
    Resuming the project
  11. Rewriting the manual on how to distribute the settings over a domain using Active Directory
  12. Creating an .ADMX file and an accompanying help document for it
    To enable domain administrators to manage the program using domain policies
  13. Adding a feature to record work process/error events to Windows Event Log
  14. Adding an option to export and import lists of prohibited applications (instant messengers, games and other time killers)
    To let customers easily exchange them
  15. Adding an option of remote control
    To allow administrators without a domain controller to configure the program remotely, and in batch